In-Depth Explanation Why Commercial Appraisal Rates Are High 

If your are a property then you must know how commercial appraisers assess the value of their property. Most of the time they question the appraisal rates and why it would take several weeks before a commercial appraiser finish their work. In this article, the main reasons why such things happen is explained and hopefully property owners will be enlightened.
The first thing that you need to learn is the laws governing the appraisers' work and in the process of appraising properties. In the early 1900s there was an incident that paved for the government to tighten the rules and policies regarding real estate appraisals. Get more info about appraisal at The result is obvious the government is now cognizant with the credibility of the appraisers therefore requiring them to obtain a state license.
With new laws implemented regarding appraisal standards licensed appraisers are now oblige to affiliate in a state appraiser licensing agencies. The standards have been elevated to a higher level hence the appraisal process become so difficult. If you want to know the entire commercial and residential appraisal process then you need to understand what those prerequisites are.
When looking for a commercial appraisal services what you are actually paying is the time and expert knowledge of appraisers. In appraising a typical property, this would usually take from 30 hours to 60 hours. In appraising sever units in an apartment building will usually take lesser time compared to a 14-unit building considering the report is in a summary narrative format. As for a 12,000 square foot industrial plant would be completely appraised at a similar time frame for a 24,000 square foot industrial plant. You must know that appraisal fees are not entirely reliant on the property value and the market value of a certain property.
If appraisal fees are not affected by the latter, what are then the things that affect them? Visit!commercial-realestate-appraisal. Here are the 4 factors that greatly affect the appraisal rates: report format, accessibility of the data, intricacy of the project and the needed turn-around time.
1. Intricacy of the project - needless to say the more complex the project is the more the appraisers need to investigate the scope of the area. The longer the time it takes to finish the entire appraisal process then you can expect for a higher price to pay. That is just one aspect that affects the appraisal time and rate more so if you are still in search for a reliable appraiser to deal with you can go for Edmonton commercial appraisal services. If you are looking for Edmonton residential appraisers it is also possible, you just need to look online.

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